Description: In this program, students explore what life would have been like in the Diefenbunker during a lockdown. Divided into three groups (military, civilian, and government), they discover how each group would operate during an emergency. They then debate the importance of each individual’s role in the defence of the country, to decide who among them warrants one of the limited spots in the bunker.



Education Value and Curriculum Connections:

Grades 5 to 8 Oral Communication Grades 5 to 8 Reading Grades 5 to 8 Science & Technology Grade 5 Social Studies People and Environments Grade 10 History Canada, 1945-1982; 1982 to the Present Grade 11 American History The United States since 1945 Grade 11 World History since 1900 The Cold War years Grade 12 Canada since 1945 Grade 12 World History The World since 1900 Grade 12 Adventures in World History Since the Early Nineteenth Century


On-Site or Virtual


2 hours (on-site), 1 hour (virtual)


English, Français