Description: What did people do to stay safe during the Cold War? To find out, students watch a primary source: the 1973 government-issued 11 Steps to Survival video. Students then look at emergency preparedness in today’s context, and end the program by building their own emergency survival kit.


Education Value and Curriculum Connections:

Grades 5 to 8 Oral Communication Grades 5 to 8 Reading Grades 5 to 8 Science & Technology Grade 5 Social Studies People and Environments Grade 7 Geography Physical Patterns in Changing World Grade 8 Geography Global Settlement Grade 9 Geography Interactions in the Physical Environment Grade 11 Geography Forces of Nature Grade 10 History Canada, 1945-1982; 1982 to the Present Grade 11 American History The United States since 1945 Grade 11 World History since 1900 The Cold War years Grade 12 Canada since 1945 Grade 12 World History The World since 1900 Grade 12 Adventures in World History Since the Early Nineteenth Century


On-Site or Virtual


2 hours (on-site), 1 hour (virtual)


English, Français