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Fairfields Heritage House

An impressive 19th century Gothic Revival farm house, Fairfields Heritage House represents the homestead and community building legacy of the Bell family. Originally built on 660 acres of farm land, the museum tells the story of almost 200 years of rich, local history and the people who so actively helped shape the evolution of the area.

Beautiful green lawns surround the house and are an invitation to spend leisure time at the site. With a gazebo, gardens, and statuesque trees the space is perfect for picnics, exploration, and family-friendly activities.

Admission Information

Please note that museum is currently closed.


  • Explore the Gothic Revival farmhouse built in the 19th century
  • Enjoy the outdoor spaces with beautiful gardens
  • Visit Fairfields Heritage House online: Virtual tour
  • Virtual exhibition: “Cabinet of Curiosities”

Plan Your Visit


Phone: 613-580-9638

Address: 3080 Richmond Rd, Nepean, ON K2B 7T9