Osgoode Township Museum

The Osgoode Township Museum tells the story of how Indigenous people and the first European settlers paved a path for our current day rural community members, and how these residents are cultivating their connections with the past, present and future!

Visit the Agriculture Barn, home to a large and impressive collection of early and modern-day farming tools, equipment and housewares important to the agricultural communities of the Ottawa valley.

Admission Information

Open Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10am-5pm.

One Saturday a month, open all day with programs, crafts, and other activities.

  • Entry by donation


  • Explore rural and agricultural artefacts and history in our permanent gallery “Rooted in Rural: Cultivating Connections”
  • Tour the heritage garden and orchard
  • See vintage and antique farming equipment in the barn
  • Have a ball at the nearby play area
  • Visit the museum online: virtual tour
  • Check out the online gift shop 

Plan Your Visit

Email: manager@osgoodemuseum.ca

Phone: 613-821-4062

Address: 7814 Lawrence St, Vernon, ON K0A 3J0