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Sensory Bag Program

Sensory bags are now available at all museums in our network. Each bag is filled with resources to help visitors with various sensory needs have a more enjoyable museum experience.

Bags are FREE to borrow during your museum visit!

About our bags

Museums have four bags each: three backpacks or smaller cross-body bags, along with one bag designed to attach to wheelchairs and walkers.

Each bag contains:

  • Ear defenders (available in three sizes)
  • Sunglasses (in child and adult sizes)
  • Sensory/Fidget toys
  • Colour Communication Cards
  • Museum Activity

*Please note that the actual items vary in colour. The image to the right shows examples of the items available at each museum. Some locations will have bags pre-filled with one of each item, while at others you will pick a few items that work best for you (more info below).


What to Expect

Bags are available to borrow on a first-come, first-served basis by reserving ahead of time or requesting one upon arrival before exploring the exhibits. 

When you are done visiting the museum, return the bag with the items you borrowed before leaving. When you return the bag to staff, they will give you a souvenir map card!

Check out the table below to know what to expect at every museum in our network.


Booking System

Bag Type

Item Options

Bytown Museum

Walk-up or request online
Online booking form coming soon!


Choose your own (prebooked) or 1 of each (walk up)

Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum

Walk up or request via email/phone:
(613) 839-0007 


1 of each

Goulbourn Museum

Walk up only, but you can check same day availability by phone:
(613) 831-2393


Choose items

Osgoode Township Museum

Walk up only, but you can check same day availability by phone:
(613) 821-4062


1 of each, with the option to only bring what you would like

Muséoparc Vanier

Walk-up or Reserve by sending email to


1 of each

Watson’s Mill & Dickinson House

Bags will be available to borrow in mid-June.

Bags can be reserved by phone Wednesday to Sunday between 9:30 and 4:30:
(613) 692-6455

You will be asked to leave your name, email/phone number, how many backpacks you would like and at what time you would like to reserve them.

Reservations should be put in at least 24 in advance of the visit; requests made less than 24 hours from the anticipated visit may not be able to be accommodated and are dependent on backpack availability.


Pick 3-4 items

City of Ottawa Museums

Bags can be reserved by phone 48 hours in advance.

Billings Estate National Historic Site
(613) 580-2088

Cumberland Heritage Village Museum
(613) 580-2988

Fairfields Heritage House
(613) 580-9638

Nepean Museum
(613) 580-9638

Pinhey’s Point Historic Site
(613) 832-4347


1 of each, with the option to only bring what you would like

This project was funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Enabling Accessibility Fund.