Description of the Activities: Explore the use of simple machines and how they make our everyday lives easier. Watson’s Mill is filled with levers, inclined planes, wheels & axles, wedges, pulleys, and screws. together we will get our hands dirty figuring out how these machines make Watson’s Mill work.

Participants are split into groups and rotate through activity-based stations that look at each type of simple machine as well as the different types of effort/energy that can make simple machines work. The program is concluded with a simple machine scavenger hunt and craft.


Education Value and Curriculum Connections:

Appropriate for Grade 2-4. Program language and activities adjusted for grade.

  • Grade 2:Science and Technology – Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, Movement
  • Grade 3:Science and Technology – Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, Forces Causing Movement
  • Grade 4:Science and Technology- Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, Pulleys and Gears


In Person


Customizable, depending on the class preference and time it takes to get to the site, usually between 10am and 1-2pm


English, Français