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Grade 2

On the Animals’ Trail

Come and discover the different tracks that animals make and then we will go into the forest to look for animal tracks.

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Smarter Barter

By placing them in a real barter economy, Smarter Barter allows students to understand and appreciate the relationships and interactions that took place between the First Peoples and the French settlers.

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Footprint and Sculpture

Make animal prints molds and take home a souvenir of Richelieu Forest. You can do the same with fossils and learn more about the hardening of matter.

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Learn all about the birds we can find in Richelieu Park. Learn their names and how to recognize them. We will later search for them in the Richelieu Forest.

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Pioneer Toys

Pioneer children didn’t have the Internet or video games, but they sure knew how to entertain themselves. Come and learn how to make your own toys out of paper and

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Simple Machines

Explore the use of simple machines and how they make our everyday lives easier. Watson’s Mill is filled with levers, inclined planes, wheels & axles, wedges, pulleys, and screws. together

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Picture of Bytown Museum Canal

Exploring Bytown by Map

Using the activity sheets as a guide, this program will allow students to explore various maps from the Bytown Museum’s collection. Through discussion and the examination of historical maps, students

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